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Plenitud PR is a non-profit educational farm and community dedicated to service in sustainability and the arts. We provide people with the skills and knowledge needed to encourage inner growth and to live in harmony with themselves, each other, and the natural world. At the heart of our service is experiential learning in sustainability and the arts that engages people in community service, fosters relationships, and creates connections.


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Upcoming Events

Cooking, Farming,ArT Workshops to Youth Now-December 2019

If you have a group of youth interested in learning farming, natural cooking, and arts contact us for a day workshop. They will learn how to grow food, cook it, and practice yoga and arts on the side. For more information, contact us at

School Outreach Programs

Join us for our weekly visits to local schools in Western PR. Help us maintain our school garden projects, participate in agriculture workshops and more! Learn more about our Youth program and support us.

Rainwater harvesting mentorship program Applications now open- through august 12

As part of Plenitud’s resiliency efforts we launched this new program in partnership with Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico. Learn to install and maintain rainwater harvesting systems, and help remote communities have water security. Apply now!


Community Movie Nights - First Thursday of each Month

Join us for an evening of community and inspiration at the farm. We watch an outdoor movie and gather for fellowship to share seeds, knowledge, and farming techniques. See our community outreach program.


Service Learning Trips

Alternative Breaks are here to empower and challenge students to understand their purpose in the world through direct and indirect service, service-learning, and reflection, while encouraging personal growth, social awareness, and active citizenship. Alternative Breaks provide the opportunity for students to explore community service in local, national, and international settings, fostering a Serve, Learn, & Discover mentality. Bring your group of students to an Alternative Break at Plenitud PR!

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Support Us!

Plenitud is, at its core, an organization based on community. Your support is what enables us to be that change, from direct service to our local community to our broad-reaching programs in sustainability, education, and living arts. All expressions of love and support are maximal--no donation of time, money, or skills is ever too little.