Owen Ingley | Executive Director and Co-Founder

Owen has been with Plenitud from the beginning. Owen, Paula, and a few other like-minded individuals envisioned and launched Plenitud. In his current role of Executive Director, he has a hand in almost all of Plenitud’s many activities. He gracefully manages this magnificent workload with a smile and his incredible sense of humor. His specialty is in the management of permaculture systems and bio-construction. Owen is also the grant writer, staff manager and financial manager. His passions include meditation, surfing, and creating and listening to inspirational music.

Paula 1.jpg

Paula Paoli | Communications Coordinator & Co-Founder

Paula has been with Plenitud from the beginning. She is primarily in charge of the coordination of Plenitud farm, events, and community projects. Paula manages the well known Plenitud kitchen-it’s a surprise to all who visit the farm seeking knowledge about sustainable agriculture and leave talking only about the vegetables that were turned into one of the best meals of their lives. Paula’s primary and most important ingredient in everything is Love. She has an infectious laugh that inspires all, and she is always getting the dance party started.


Katie Bullis & Mica | Service Director and Service Dog

Katie integrates Plenitud’s vision and values into all her activities on the farm. Originally from Maine, she has embraced the tropical climate with open arms. Katie brings more than 8 years of experience in horticulture with a focus on the cultivation and processing of medicinal plants. She manages the different Plenitud services relating to the gardens, cooking, and taking care of all of us. Katie’s beautiful voice is constantly flowing through the gardens of Plenitud, and her laughter and service attitude are contagious. Mica is her loyal companion in the garden-they are two peas in a pod.


Rebekah Sanchez | Youth Programs Director & Farm Manager

Rebekah started at Plenitud as an intern from the University of PR and now is an essential part of Plenitud, helping to manage the agricultural efforts on the farm. She has a passion for serving the youth of P.R. and beyond through agro-ecological farming, and she loves mentoring youth & beginning farmers in our programs. Rebekah is devoted to our crops and the health of the soil; she works super hard in the fields, and she is capable of anything. She is also a talented musician and singer, and she loves God.


JD Hutchison-Maxwell | Permaculture Designer, Administrator, Americorps VISTA Supervisor

JD is from Massachusetts, and he has worked at Plenitud for 7 years, focusing on permaculture design, implementation, and education in the tropics and northeastern United States. JD has also stepped up to do the needful on the administrative side of the organization, and he now assists with grant writing, finances, fundraising, and supervising the Americorps VISTA service members. JD is always smiling, and he is an avid cyclist, farmer, and musician.


Gina Malley Campos | Publications Coordinator

Gina arrived at Plenitud seeking to learn about farming. The resonance she felt with permaculture and the Plenitud community has kept her involved for nearly a decade. From helping out at the farm, in the kitchen, facilitating workshops, or teaching yoga, she is always willing to serve where needed. After a year of service as an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer doing educational outreach and capacity building, Gina is now helping distribute Plenitud’s agroecological manual ¡Siembra Boricua! throughout the island.


Cristina Olán | Advisory Council & Events Coordinator

Cristina graduated from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus, with degrees in Business Administration and Hispanic Studies. She loves to write and edit, especially if what she is reading or writing is related to nature. Before coming to Plenitud, Cristina worked with the Sea Grant Program of the University of Puerto Rico for eleven years; three of them as editor and eight of them as communications coordinator. Last year she served Plenitud PR as Administrative Systems Designer through AmeriCorps VISTA. Now she is contributing to create Plenitud’s Advisory Council and organize our events. She feels grateful to God, to life and to all the people who have encountered her path.


Duncan Anderson | VISTA Service Learning Designer

Duncan is originally from Bogota, Colombia, but grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota. He first came into contact with Plenitud while leading a group of students from the University of St. Thomas on a global community building trip. He immediately fell in love with the community and vision of Plenitud and has since made good on his desire to return! He now serves as the Service Learning Coordinator and works with university students, bringing the same love and intention that he found as a former student himself. Duncan is also an avid hiker, writer, and longtime meditation practitioner.


Samantha López Muñiz | VISTA Administrative Systems Builder

Samantha has been attracted to Plenitud by the shared purpose of serving puerto rican communities. As Plenitud's Administrative Systems Builder, she collaborates with grant writing and compliance, budget tracking, communications and visual design. You'll always find her designing and leading projects that involve art, healthy food and social empowerment. Over the past 10 years she has been focusing on healthy lifestyle education along with her husband, Omar, through their business Ama Pachana, and through her project Amor al Útero. She is also a talented illustrator and muralist, who loves to sing.


Naina Ramrakhani | VISTA Operational Development Coordinator

Naina first met Plenitud in 2013 after a visit with George Washington University Alternative Breaks program, and she has been involved ever since. She serves as the Operational Design Coordinator and helps with the streamlining of staff /volunteer communication, outreach and follow up to donors, grant writing and research and overall improving the organizational processes at Plenitud. Originally from New York City, Naina loves live music, drumming, dancing and spicy foods.


Raymond Balaguer | VISTA Youth & Resiliency Program Developer

Raymond came to Plenitud about three years ago wanting to learn about organic farming and permaculture. He has a degree in Biology from the University of Puerto Rico. Raymond just finished a two-year service as a Peace Corps Volunteer, and this year he joined us as an AmeriCorps VISTA service member to help expand the educational services that help build capacity in our communities and promote resiliency against climate change. He is happy and grateful for being part of Plenitud, where love, service, and knowledge come together. Among the many things he loves there’s dancing, farming, and playing soccer.


Jimmy Valle Ojeda | Bio-construction Coordinator

Jimmy is originally from Las Marias and has been working with Plenitud since late 2017. He is the father of a beautiful son and can always be found smiling, no matter the situation. Jimmy spends most of his time building different structures around Plenitud including domes, bamboo structures and houses. It is a pleasure to work with and around Jimmy, as he reminds us all to keep a positive and light attitude.


Pablo Acevedo | Bio-construction Instructor & Builder

Pablo is a civil engineer with a passion for bio-construction with Superadobe and Bamboo, and he started a project called Bambú Pueblo to develop an industry and culture of bamboo in Puerto Rico. He also loves to get lost in his flute and to ride waves on his surfboard. He received his masters degree from the University of P.R. doing innovative research on the strength of bamboo. He has been joining efforts with Plenitud for over 6 years, developing a bamboo plantation at the farm and curriculum for bio-construction workshops. Pablo and Owen make a dynamite team together, and everyone loves their workshops.


Mumy Badrena | Living Arts Dance and Theater Instructor

Mumy, is an experienced dancer and performing art artist and educator. She brings a lot of experience to our Youth Program, sharing her knowledge and passion for the arts. Mumy loves nature and she shares that teaching performing arts in natural spaces like Plenitud have a deep effect on the creativity of children and everyone. We dream to create an Art Therapy program with which we can help our community which is hungry for the arts. 


Yaitza López | Living Arts Music Instructor

  Yaitza, better known as Sita is originally from Ponce, Puerto Rico. She  obtained her masters degree in Music from Temple University and has played the cello with renowned orchestras around the world. Even then her humility and simplicity speaks volumes and the way she play those strings will move the chords of your heart. Her passion for music, yoga and kirtan (devotional music) is contagious. She helps bring artist to Plenitud and create music events, teaches music and yoga in the community.


Natalia Sanchez | Resident Artist & Youth Programs Assistant

Natalia, sister to Rebekah, came to Plenitud not just to beautify the space but also to help us bring arts outreach to our community. She graduated from the Columbus College of Arts and Design in Ohio with a degree in Fine Arts and Art Therapy. Art is the way she expresses herself, and she is very passionate about it. Natalia is joining our Youth Program and helping us bring art classes to our partner schools and the surrounding community. She also loves laughing, contemplating philosophy, the beach, and dancing.


Magalis | Farmer and Cook

Magali is a mother to all of us, she has lived in Las Marías her whole life and raised her family through agriculture. She is simple,very focused, humble, hard-worker and a blessing to have around. Magalis serves in the gardens with us as well as in the kitchen, doing the whole process of farm to table! She loves racing around the country on 4-wheelers and planting crops on the farm.


Maco | The General

Maco is the Plenitud Bodyguard that watches over the gate and makes sure the farm is safe. His favorite pastimes are to follow Owen all around the farm and play with his dear Mica. Maco is so expressive, that after getting to know him, you know that he is almost at the human platform. He is very intuitive and smart, and has demonstrated over a number of times his caring skills by warning people about river floods. But do not pet him while you are at Plenitud, he is still the guard dog!