Alternative Break Trips

Plenitud hosts Alternative Breaks with college, university, and private groups looking to learn about sustainability, permaculture, and healthful living while having unforgettable hands-on experiences. Together with our partners we create trips that provide unique service opportunities for students and faculty in the rural community of Las Marias, Puerto Rico. Students and faculty learn about a wide variety of topics while camping in the beautiful tropical environment of the Plenitud Farm & Teaching Center.

Typically, these trips last from 3 days to 2 weeks. Participants engage in direct service learning at the Teaching Center and with community outreach partners in the area. Participants work hard, serve the community, receive training in permaculture and other sustainable practices, enjoy world class vegetarian meals, and go on fun adventures from river hikes and beach trips to cultural experiences in dancing and cuisine. We strive to build long-lasting partnerships with groups, and as a result we have established yearly service trips with George Washington University, Northeastern University, University of Massachusetts, and Loyola Marymount University, among others. We have also worked with middle schools, high schools, churches, and service/volunteer vacation organizations from across the U.S. Alternative Breaks participants return home as ambassadors of Plenitud and well-acquainted with sustainable lifestyles, inspiring others to live more healthful lives focused on meaningful relationships and being in harmony with the environment.  

Alternative Break Weekends

We also host Alternative Break Weekends for local school, church, and private groups. We offer a safe, beautiful space in nature where your group can bond through service, eating wholesome meals and relaxing together. Alternative Break Weekends are Friday - Sunday and include meals (Friday dinner, 3x meals Saturday, Sunday breakfast) and campsite lodging, with a cost of $60/person. Participants provide their own tents and gear.

We would love to work with you and host your upcoming Alternative Break Trip. Please contact us today to learn more about our customizable trip options for your group. To get a sense of the trips, please scroll down for an example trip itinerary and to view videos created by Plenitud alumni.

To see the workshops and trainings that the groups can sign up for check out our Sustainability and Living Arts programs


Alternative Breaks Testimonial:

“I hoped to learn sustainable practices and experience permaculture hands-on, but I never imagined the kindness we would receive or the sense of community I would walk away with. Everything at Plenitud is done with intention -- the farming, the cooking, and the individual interactions. I can’t remember the last time I was in a space that encouraged such mindfulness….... Being at Plenitud has reminded me that putting others first will always create more joy than selfish actions. It’s reminded me that generosity and kindness are not just nice personality traits but powerful means of creating change...Plenitud is transformative, restorative, and inspiring, and I am so, so happy I’ve been able to experience it.”

-Emma from Loyola Marymount University, Alt Breaker 2017-


Plenitud & GWU

Every year, students from universities throughout the US visit Plenitud's teaching center and demonstration farm in Las Marias, Puerto Rico for a week of hands-on training, community service, and cultural immersion. Students from George Washing University have been committed to helping Plenitud in its efforts to promote sustainable agriculture and impact at-risk youth since 2010.



Plenitud & LMU

Description about LMU’s trip



Example of Alternative Break Program

DAY 1:

2:45 pm – Arrival at SJU Airport

3:15 pm –­ Pick up at SJU Airport

6:30 pm –­ Arrival at farm, dinner at welcoming circle


DAY 2:

6:30-­7:00 – Yoga (Optional)

7:00-­7:30 – Breakfast/Introduction to Plenitud

7:30-­11:30 – Hands on Tour of Farm

12:00-­2:00 – Lunch & “Siesta” Break (for napping, journaling, etc.)

2:15-­5:30 – Service Learning Projects: Compost and Greenhouse Care

5:30-­6:30 – Clean up and shower

6:30-­7:30 – Dinner

7:30-­9:00 – Evening Activity (optional)

9:00-­9:30 – Reflections

Alt Break Service.jpg

DAY 3:

6:00-­6:30 – Yoga or Meditation (Optional)

6:30-­7:00 – Breakfast

7:30-­12:00 – Service Learning Projects: Planting and Harvesting Root Crops

12:30-­2:30 – Lunch & Siesta

3:00-­4:00 – Sharing Circle with Rebecka about Agro-­ecology in P.R.

4:30-­5:30 – Community Latin Dance Class

6:00-­7:00 – Dinner

7:00-­8:30 – Evening Activities: Documentary or Inspiring Movie

8:30-­9:00 – Reflection

Foto Feliz.jpg

Day 4:

6:00-­6:30 – Yoga

6:30-­7:00 – Breakfast

7:30-­2:30 – Community Service Trip at School Garden at Ybarra in Maricao

5:00-­7:00 – Aromatherapy Workshop

7:00-­8:00 – Dinner

8:30-­9:00 – Reflection

Copy of Estacion Suelos.jpg

Day 5:

6:00-­6:30 – Yoga

6:30-­7:00 – Breakfast

8:00-­12:30 – Community Service Trip at School Garden at Añasco

1:00-­ 5:00 – Relax at the Beach!

6:00-­7:00 – Dinner

7:00-­8:30 – Salsa Dance Class

8:30-­9:00 – Reflection

Taller en Organoponicos.jpg

Day 6:

6:00-­7:00 – Yoga

7:00-­7:30 – Breakfast

7:30-­9:00 – Set up for Children Community Activity at Plenitud

9:00-­3:00 – Community Activity for Children (music, art, agriculture classes) at Plenitud

3:00-­6:00 – Clean up and Resting

6:00-­7:00 – Dinner

7:00-­8:30 – Bonfire, music, sharing

8:30-­9:00 – Reflection


Day 7:

6:30 – Departure to Beach

8:00-­3:00 – Beach Day

4:00-­ 8:00 – Rest, Laundry, Dinner


Day 8:

6:00-­7:00 – Yoga

7:00-­8:30 – Breakfast and Reflections

9:00 – Departure for Airport



Other Trips Offered: