Music, Dance, & Art

Music is known as the healing force of the universe, and at Plenitud, we rely on these sound vibrations to fuel our service and share in a communication beyond words. In addition to the tunes that are a background to our daily activities, we hold kirtan (sacred call-and-response music) and other musical events, dances and concerts to bring people together in song and dance. If you are interested to learn more about our music goals contact Carson.

Our Arts Program also provides a creative outlet for beautifying spaces and expressing ourselves. Natalia, our Artist-in-Residence, has been transforming the Plenitud grounds and Teaching Center through mural installations. Our goal is to expand this program to include community events and art workshops with Natalia, as well as the implementation of Living Arts programs in our community partner schools.

Youth Program Events

We know that art, music, dance, and all other forms of artistic expression have the power to change lives, instill hope, and provide inspiration despite all circumstances. Our Youth Program is designed to provide these opportunities to children in our local community, many of whom lack access, opportunity, and resources for these creative outlets. From private music lessons to community beautification through mural installation, we provide a wide range of opportunities to engage children in Living Arts. For more information or to arrange a neighborhood, community, or school event, contact us at


Our Other Living Arts Programs: