Organoponics & Agroecology

Agroecology is intertwined with the previous agriculture topics, being a set of principles and techniques that allow for a sustainable food production in both the ecological and social spheres. As for the ecological aspect, the idea is to imitate nature's patterns and methods of production and avoiding disturbances and contamination. The social aspects involve the emphasis on community, equal access to healthy food, self sustenance by using the resources available rather than external suppliers and achieving food sovereignty.

Organoponics is an intensive growing technique within agroecology that originated in Cuba during their crisis period in the 1990’s and it helped the island produce most of their food. We have incorporated organoponics in our practice with great results.

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Curriculum Outline:

  • Background and principles of Agroecology, Food Sovereignty and related current events

  • Design and planting options:

    • Garden orientation

    • Water availability

    • Garden bed options

  • Soil health and preparation

  • Planting practices:

    • Direct seeding

    • Transplanting

    • propagation

  • Fertilization:

    • Compost

    • Vermicompost

    • Bioferment preparations

  • Crop Maintenance:

    • Prevention of pests and illnesses

    • Cultural practices

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