Our Community Partners

Plenitud was born out of relationships and has continued to grow and have bigger impacts because of our emphasis on collaborative relationships. These are our main community partners:

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Schools from Las MarÍas and surrounding Municipalities

Plenitud has been working for the past couple of years with the Elementary/Middle Schools Raul Ybarra from Maricao, Anones from Las Marías, Dr. Silverio Medina Gaud from Las Marías, Delia Davila de Cabán from Bayamón, and the high school Luis Muñoz Marín from Añasco. We also consistently receive students and faculty from these and other schools at our teaching center for workshops and training, and we help maintain and design their school gardens.


FundaciÓn comunitaria de Puerto Rico

The Fundación Communitaria de Puerto Rico (FCPR) is the first and only community foundation on the island. The FCPR is dedicated to developing the capacities of communities in Puerto Rico to achieve their own social and economic transformation in a sustainable enduring manner. Plenitud PR has been working on several projects with the FCPR during 2018 and 2019 relating to the installation of rainwater harvesting systems in households and community centers to increase the resiliency of these rural communities and reduce the impacts & risks of flooding. We are grateful for the ongoing collaboration with this dedicated group that is humbly serving the island.


¡Siembra Boricua!

The purpose of ¡Siembra Boricua! is to increase the amount of agroecological producers in Puerto Rico and thus move towards the country's food sovereignty. They believe that a significant population of potential producers are agricultural science students, and that many of them fail to start their production projects because they lack the necessary tools to develop them. Therefore, ¡Siembra Boricua!’s mission is to facilitate the transition from your occupation as a student to becoming agricultural entrepreneurs. This organization was founded by our farm manager, Rebekah Sánchez and we have been colaborating since 2017 to further this mission together through educational programs and agroecological demonstration in our farm.


Alternative Breaks Programs

Every year Plenitud hosts students from several universities in the United States for service learning trips.  Many of these universities, such as George Washington University, Loyola Marymount University, Eckerd College, and Northeastern University, have been in partnership with us for the long term (5 years or more) and are committed to supporting our outreach work to promote sustainable living and community service.


University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez

Plenitud and UPR-Mayaguez have been successfully working together for years to provide students with internships, summer practices, and coop programs at our teaching center.


World Central Kitchen

In 2019, Plenitud received support from World Central Kitchen through the Plow To Plate program, which aims to increase food security in Puerto Rico by providing funding, training, and networking opportunities to smallholder farmers and businesses that support local agriculture. With this funding, we are building a warehouse for processing our commercial agriculture production.


alelÍ environmental, inc.

Alelí Environmental is dedicated to create education programs in Puerto Rico to transform the minds of locals and visitors to promote more environmentally conscious lifestyles for a healthier natural environment. Alelí Environmental’s partnership Plenitud is strengthening the impact of our schools program in the region.


Cornell University

Through its Engaged Cornell program, graduate school students and engineering professors from Cornell University in New York are supporting us in research of rainwater filtration systems and other projects related to resilience in communities. This alliance will allow us to better impact communities with rainwater and resilience projects.


Para la Naturaleza

Para la Naturaleza has dedicated over forty-three years working together with other organizations for the protection of nature in our islands, and is supporting Plenitud with funding for our publication “Siembra Boricua: Manual de agricultura en armonía con la naturaleza”.

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Hispanic Federation

HF is the nation’s premier Latino nonprofit membership organization with its mission to empower and advance the Hispanic community. After Hurricane María, the HF partnered with Plenitud to help rebuild the island in a sustainable way. We are hosting Superadobe workshops, bamboo building workshops, and installing rainwater harvesting systems for the community with their support.

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Americorps Vista

AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) members bring passion and perseverance where the need is greatest: to organizations that help eradicate poverty. AmeriCorps VISTA members serve as a catalyst for change, living and working alongside community members to meet our nation’s most pressing challenges and advance local solutions.



As a lifestyle brand dedicated to promoting the rich heritage and rural culture of Puerto Rico, Jíbaro donates a percentage of their profits to advance Plenitud's mission. Check out their online store to buy some of their beautiful merchandise.


Department of Agriculture of PR, FIDA

Plenitud has been awarded three grants from FIDA to develop our educational youth programs in which we train many students from public schools on farm to table ideas, agro-ecological growing techniques, sustainability, and more. Their support also enabled us to to publish educational manuals.


USDA-Rural Development & USDA-NRCS

Both the USDA Rural Development and NRCS have helped Plenitud grow in capacity and breadth over the years. The NRCS has collaborated with Plenitud’s outreach efforts to give workshops to farmers and demonstrate conservation practices. The Community Facility program from Rural Development has helped us obtain crucial farm equipment that we have relied on to accomplish our mission with less sweat!



CAMBU is a grassroots nonprofit organization in Las Marías that sprang up after the hurricane to provide community services in a remote and underserved neighborhood of our town. We have enjoyed helping CAMBU with rainwater harvesting systems, water filtration systems, service learning trips, and other service projects for the community.

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Municipality of Las Marías

Plenitud has partnered with the Municipality of Las Marías throughout the years, and this partnership has only strengthened since Hurricane María. We teamed up to provide relief efforts for various parts of Las Marías and distribute supplies among community partners. The collaboration with the local government culminated in coordinating the first “Festival de La Plenitud Boricua,” the first festival of sustainability in town to educate people and lift their spirits after the storm.