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In this edition, we want to share Mónica Tollinchi’s heart touching story and inspire you to make healthy choices that support your well being as well as your family’s and community’s, especially as the holidays come around the corner!

Mónica is an example of improving her own health by serving others first.

Mónica Tollinchi, a neighbor from Las Marías, lives her life for the service of others and she expresses that love in the form of cooking for others. When she arrived to Plenitud, she learned that most of us are vegetarians and immediately she took the task of researching and learning about the preparation of plant based dishes to bring and share with our team.

“Through that service there was a benefit for others, but there was also a benefit for myself,'' Monica shared. “The month that my husband was working at Plenitud, our way of eating changed, my lifestyle changed. In trying to serve others, the service rewarded me.”

Please check out her inspiring story and how her health improved through her experience of service. It will encourage and remind each of us of the power to transform through generosity!

Monica’s story inspires us to continue to solidify efforts to empower the community’s well being. In collaboration with Ama Pachana and the new Health and Wellness Committee, led by Dr. Ileana Vargas, we are brain-storming different ways to support our community’s health. Stay tuned to hear and be part of these new health initiatives that we will continue to share with you!

Recipe: Vegetarian Pasteles

Mónica teaching our Plenitud family how to wrap pasteles.

Mónica teaching our Plenitud family how to wrap pasteles.

Thinking about pasteles in Puerto Rico gives us a festive and cheerful feeling. And this traditional recipe has always represented family, community, and celebration! Here we offer you a vegetarian version of this delicious recipe, with instructions for the guineo dough and cassava dough, prepared by Mónica Tollinchi in collaboration with Plenitud PR. Read the recipe here on our new Blog!

Launching of Plenitud 2020 Volunteer Program

Would you like to contribute your talents, sustainability knowledge, eco-friendly farming practices, and/or art skills to communities in need in Puerto Rico? If you live on the west coast of Puerto Rico and can volunteer at least once a month, we invite you to apply to our Plenitud 2020 Volunteer Program. We currently have openings in the areas of ecological farming, bioconstruction, education, event coordination, and video/photography.

If you are remote and still want to volunteer, you can still be a part of our initiatives here.

This is a great opportunity to give back to your community, receive, and grow. Our contribution to the planet is possible thanks to all the hands, hearts, and minds that have come together to serve the community. Thank you!

Expanding Safe Access Water in PR

At Plenitud PR, we believe that the best way to create a more sustainable Puerto Rico is to train and educate community leaders, who can then implement and teach sustainable practices in their communities. Together, we can accomplish a lot more! In the past few months, we have trained numerous leaders in rainwater harvesting. Now, they are putting their knowledge into action by teaching others. Below are some of their recent accomplishments. Congratulations to the trainees!


After completing the September 2019 Rainwater Harvesting Mentorship Program, two of the certified mentees, Yira Rodríguez and Luis González, launched their first rainwater harvesting workshop at the Huerto Urbano del Callejón Trujillo. At the workshop, with support from the Brigada Solidaria del Oeste, a community-based organization, spreading the education they received from Plenitud to 30 more people.


Marianglie Ortíz is a community leader for several initiatives that serve the Palomas community in Comerío, PR. Among these projects is the “Clean Water: Line of Life" ("Agua Limpia: Línea de Vida") project, which focuses on installing rainwater harvesting systems in 40 homes in the community. The Palomas community has had many challenges in accessing water, including frequent interruptions of their water service and contamination of the bodies of water that surround their community. At Plenitud PR, we are supporting Mariangelie in to acquire cistern tanks, tools and necessary equipment as well as supporting the training of the community on rainwater harvesting techniques. We are grateful for the opportunity to help out with such an initiative.

A close-up of this month's project at Plenitud:

close up octubre 2019.jpg

Upcoming Events:

November - Workshops and brigades continue at our Plenitud PR Partner Schools Program in the communities of Las Marías, Maricao and Añasco, in partnership with Alelí Environmental. If you would like to support the program by volunteering, contact Doris Parrilla at 787-205-2539 or

Thursday, November 7 - Contour Farming Workshop in collaboration with Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS-USDA) at Luis Muñoz Marín High School in Añasco, PR. For more information, contact Doris Parrila at

Friday, November 8 - Orientation and start of Plenitud 2020 Volunteer Program at the Plenitud PR farm in Las Marias.

Saturday, November 9 - Advanced Active Rainwater Harvesting Workshop, Part 2 at the Plenitud PR farm in Las Marías, PR; for graduates of the Rainwater Harvesting Mentorship Program or people with previous experience.

November 23-30 - University of Indiana arrives at Plenitud for a weeklong Service Learning Program.

Quote of the Month:

“And forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair”
~ Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

Inspiring Song:


La vida está por empezar“, by Marta Gómez

Thanks to all our wonderful visitors, volunteers and donors of this month!

To Nate’s Garden Donors; Members of the Mosby Family, President Donald Eastman (Eckerd College), Dr. Julienne Empric, Laurie Samuels, Lori Mosby, Tom Bixby, Tucker Horne, James Annarelli, Shannon Vize, Douglas McMahon, Arlene Lanciani, Tom Schneider, Ralph Baker, David Boyle, Julia Levy, Lindsay Smithers and Patricia Durkin, for their generous support with this project; Kamil Gerónimo, from Pueblo Crítico for the popular education training; Mumy Badrena, for going the extra mile at Luis Muñoz Marín High School and her consistent volunteering; Aida Valentín, for translating the newsletter; Prof. Victor Pinnock from Colegio Comunal De Hostos /New York City University for the amazing support with Plenitud’s website, Jimmy Valle, Cristina Olán, and Paola Martínez, for the support of the Partner Schools Program; Julio A. González, for his support in the design of the biomass gasifier to produce bio-char; Mónica Tollinchi, for the delicious meals she prepared at Plenitud; and to Nick Berghall for his loving help on the farm.

A thousand thanks for all your support and love!

Please continue to tell your family and friends about Plenitud PR and the work we are doing to build a better Puerto Rico and create a more sustainable future for our children.