Agro-Tourist & Educational Tours

We are the first ecological agro-tourism project certified by the Department of Tourism in PR

Plenitud offers educational tours of the farm exposing guest’s senses to the beautiful nature that surrounds us. It is a wholesome paradise of colorful flowers, singing birds, exotic fruit trees, and breathtaking sceneries of mountains and our beloved river “Arena”. With in this inspiring environment there is also the opportunity to witness innovative ways to interact with nature through sustainable living practices. It is an experience of harmony embodied in the blending of the natural buildings inserted within the scenery as well as the sense of connection with nature when harvesting fresh food for the delicious natural meals and collecting potable rainwater. Furthermore this all reflects the dynamics and beauty of human relationships which guests also get a chance to look into in the service oriented communal lifestyle at Plenitud.

  • We customize tours based on our guests educational desires and can include a fresh and exquisite farm to table lunch.

  • We invite you to come learn how we imitate nature’s patterns and work with it instead of against it. And to make the best of the adventure, prepare with appropriate farm clothing, bathing suit  and a change of clothes.

  • We have partnered with the AirBnB experience program, you can book your trip through them or here.  

Educational Tours Prices:

2 hr Farm Tour (what times of the day?)

  • Our 2-hour farm cost $35 per person with a minimum of $140 for a reservation (Mínimum - Party of 4). This includes a farm tour and a program on the topic of your choosing.

  • Para locales el costo es de $25 por persona con un mínimo de $100 por reservación (Mínimo - grupo de 4 personas). Incluye un almuerzo del huerto a la mesa.

3-4 hr Workshop Tour

  • This 3-4 hour hands on tour includes interactive activities and a farm to table meal. The program can be focused on the topic of your preference (see living arts and sustainability pages). The cost is $45 per person with a minimum of $180 for a reservation.

Overnight Programs

  • The overnight programs include camping facilities, showers meals, the educational component and a natural loving environment.  

  • The cost per participant is $80 and includes three meals (a dinner, breakfast and lunch).

For multi-night visits, please see our Alternative Breaks and/or Academic Trips pages.

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