Academic Trips

Plenitud offers customized trips for academic groups of all ages seeking to earn credits through their experiences abroad. We work with professors and educators to design an interdisciplinary curriculum and provide students with an unforgettable hands-on learning experience all while earning school credit.

Plenitud has partnered with over 25 universities and schools to host academic trips at our Teaching Center. We have co-crafted academically oriented trips via week-long courses, internships, and semester-long courses. The schools we have partnered with include University of Michigan, University of Puerto Rico, George Washington University, Hilton Head Prep School, and many more.

We look forward to working with your university program to customize a course or trip that is tailored to the needs of your students.

Visit our Sustainability and Living Arts pages to see the curriculum options we offer currently or contact us to discuss a personalized version.

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“Plenitud was a grounding and enlightening experience for Colgate University students. Work and life at Plenitud caused us all to refocus and to get closer to balance. Students had been thinking about Puerto Rico's relationship with the United States and in particular how hurricanes Maria and Irma impacted an already troubling dynamic..At Plenitud, we witnessed and worked side-by-side with experts and community members who are working towards local food security and the general health and well-being of people in Las Marias and beyond. We planted, harvested, weeded, cleaned, set up a garden at a preschool, ate locally and healthily, danced, and did yoga. More than this, we got to know each other as we learned the primacy and deep significance of service.”

Kezia Page
Associate Professor of English and Africana and Latin American Studies
Colgate University


“Plenitud opened my eyes to a new way of life. I learned so much about sustainable living and utilizing the natural materials accessible to certain communities. Plenitud is not just an organization. The people I worked with were so giving and had a strong passion for the work they did every day. It makes such a big difference when your job is something you love. Everyday I learned something new, saw something spectacular, created lifelong relationships, and I was so grateful for the experience. This opportunity wasn’t just educational. It was spiritual.”

Brianna E. Treppeda
Student Intern
Johnson & Wales University

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